Integrated eBusiness Portals: Bridging B2B, B2C, and B2E

Our integrated eBusiness portals seamlessly connect Business to Business (B2B), Business to Consumer (B2C), and Business to Employee (B2E) interactions, providing a unified platform for comprehensive digital commerce and collaboration.

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B2B , B2E & B2C eBusiness Portals 

Are Perfect For

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Customized for wholesalers, our software offers a complete customer self-service solution, encompassing stock management, matrix pricing, and robust account management.

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Service Companies

Specially designed for service companies, our software offers features like contract management, automated invoicing, engineer certifications, servicing, route planning, and asset tracking.

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Tailored for distributors, our software provides real-time online stock tracking by branch, live individual pricing, efficient account administration, and seamless payment processing.

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SME Retailers

Designed with SME retailers in mind, our software includes CRM functionality, flexible pricing options, offers, coupons, streamlined delivery management, basket recapture features, and effective marketing tools.

Dockerills Field Sales

Embrace Digital Transformation with Portal Solutions

Step into the future with our Portal Solutions, designed to offer a centralized platform for efficient information management and sharing.

Centralization brings a plethora of benefits, including heightened efficiency, an enriched customer experience, streamlined data management, enhanced collaboration, fortified security, and more informed decision-making.

In essence, portals offer a cost-effective avenue to elevate communication, collaboration, and overall efficiency within your business ecosystem.

Rest assured, our solutions are not only fully scalable but also meticulously managed and expertly supported. Your digital transformation journey is in capable hands.


Powered By Portal People

Portal People Portals: Your Complete B2B and B2C Order Processing and Shopping Cart Solution

Experience the full power of Portal People Portals, offering comprehensive Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) order processing and a versatile shopping cart system.

Our cloud-based e-commerce solution is fully managed and supported, all included in your subscription price. Say goodbye to the hassle of plugin updates and the fear of system incompatibility due to author rewrites. We’ve got you covered.

Portal People Commerce: Empower Your Online Experience with Flexibility

Unlock boundless possibilities with Portal People Commerce, providing you and your designer/developer with a flexible development environment to craft remarkable online experiences.

Our software seamlessly integrates with Datafile Software (ERP) and various other popular ERP systems using a range of interfaces, including API, SQL, CSV, XML, and JSON. The Portal People team has been trusted ERP System Delivery Partners since the 90s, positioning us perfectly to support your successful digital transformation journey.

Portal Modules

Account Management

Effectively manage custome records, handle invoices, facilitate online balance payments, support multiple contacts, oversee group accounts, streamline order approval processes, and maintain comprehensive notes.

Pricing Management

Implement intricate pricing solutions for both B2B and B2C customers, offering price bands per account, account group, and matrix pricing with options for fixed prices, percentage-based adjustments, or specified price bands with quantity breakpoints.

Catalogue Management

Effortlessly handle a variety of product types, including simple, grouped, configurable, time-sensitive, and digital products. Leverage content management system features for extended product information and take advantage of bulk update options for seamless catalog management.

Delivery Management and Tracking

Take control of pricing and delivery charges with precision using our delivery matrix. Customize rates based on postcodes, weight, volume, product groups, and set increments to meet your specific requirements.

Advaced Search Features

Elevate your website’s search capabilities with our advanced features. Enable enhanced site search and access site search reporting to add relevant search terms to products, ensuring that your customers find what they’re looking for based on their search queries.

GDPR Features

Empower your customers with GDPR compliance using our communication management dashboard. This feature allows customers to easily manage their communication preferences for email, phone, SMS, and more by type, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations.

Output Manager

Effortlessly generate documents and reports in PDF or Excel formats directly from our system. Whether it’s emails or list views, our output manager ensures seamless and flexible document creation.

Content Management System

Unlock the full potential of our content management suite, equipped with robust tools for managing custom pages. Leverage short code functionality and seamless integration with WordPress for comprehensive content management capabilities.

Booking Manager

Efficiently handle products and services with availability-based sales through our booking manager. Gain access to a comprehensive calendar view, streamline booking processes, and facilitate secure payment transactions for a complete overview of your bookings.

Service Management

Effectively manage customer equipment by tracking it, keep tabs on re-sale items through serial numbers, maintain detailed service records and history, utilize QR/Barcode identification, and streamline engineer certification management for comprehensive service oversight.

Marketing and Promotion Tools

Elevate your marketing efforts with our multi-channel feed management, including Google Shopping feed integration. Seamlessly connect with popular email platforms like Brevo, Mailchimp, and Sendgrid for effective email marketing campaigns and promotions across multiple channels.

Multi Site Multi Company

Effortlessly manage stock by outlet, set pricing by outlet, and support multiple front-end websites and portals. Our multi-site, multi-company functionality ensures seamless control and customization across various business entities and online platforms.

Search Engine Optimization

Boost your online presence with our SEO capabilities. Enjoy a lean, high-speed system, effective navigation management, generate Google and Bing sitemaps, optimize meta data, implement schema microdata, utilize search engine-friendly URLs, and maintain control over URLs through the rewrite manager for enhanced visibility on search engines.

WordPress Integration

Experience seamless integration with WordPress, offering a full catalog, portal, and e-commerce features that harmonize effortlessly with Polylang and Divi for a unified and dynamic web presence.

Multi Language

Effortlessly manage your content in multiple languages, ensuring a global reach and presenting your public-facing e-commerce websites to a diverse audience.

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Cloud Based SAAS tick
B2B eCommerce tick
Customer Specific Pricing tick
B2C eCommerce tick
Booking Engine tick
Multi Company / Multi Site Capable tick
Multi Language Supported tick
CRM tick
*Integration to Back Office Business and Accounting Software tick
Google Shopping Feed Supported tick
Comprehensive Delivery Matrix tick
SEO Capabilities Inc Schema Markup by Default tick
All Capabilities Available In The Core System tick
Managed Migrations From Other Systems tick
*API's for 3rd Party Integrations tick
*3rd Party integration subject to specification.

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